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After surviving a brutal motor vehicle wreck, business director James Ballard finds himself little by little drawn to some mysterious subculture of people who have transformed automobile mishaps into erotic occasions. Like the J.G. Ballard novel that impressed it, David Cronenberg's research of your sexual dimension of guy's marriage to engineering was a magnet for controversy, drawing a NC-seventeen score and criticism from quite a few sources, like studio owner Ted Turner, who tried to circumvent the film's American release. But however some have leveled rates of pornography, James' descent into this fetishistic underworld is approached with cold, scientific detachment.

He named a few men and women from here, and located out concerning the fake riot and police raid Ravick experienced cooked up.

When they do this and Madam Breeze receives in, all is shed; away will go the whole developing with a crash.

artificial, unreal - contrived by art instead of character; "synthetic bouquets"; "synthetic flavoring"; "an artificial diamond"; "artificial fibers"; "synthetic sweeteners"

football, football match - any of assorted online games performed that has a ball (spherical or oval) in which two teams try and kick or have or propel the ball into one another's intention

مُزَيَّفيُزّيِّف، يُقَلِّدتَقْليد، غِشزَائِفزائِف، كاذِب

fake implies an imitation of or substitution with the authentic but won't necessarily imply dishonesty. these jewels are fakes

: a single that is not what it purports for being: such as a : a worthless imitation passed off as authentic The signature was a fake. b : impostor, charlatan He advised Anyone that he was a lawyer, but he was only a fake.

The film was continue to banned by Westminster Council, meaning it couldn't be revealed in almost any cinema from the West Conclusion, While that they had previously offered special authorization for that movie's premiere, and it had been quickly witnessed in nearby Camden.

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I modified my mom's basic Polish dish to suit my hectic everyday living. Instead of boiling the cabbage and after that filling it with beef, I just toss the elements inside the sluggish cooker. It truly is much simpler and tastes equally as superior. —Mary Walker, Clermont, Florida

1a : to break or head to pieces with or as if with violence and noise b : to fall, land, or strike with harmful pressure c : to decline abruptly and steeply d of a computer method, component, or program : to endure a sudden major failure ordinarily with attendant decline of knowledge two : to generate a smashing sound thunder crashing overhead 3 : to move or force one's way with or as if with a crash crashes into your home four slang : to practical experience the aftereffects (for real instance tiredness, irritability, headache, or melancholy) of a physiologically or psychologically Energetic substance Prolonged usage of cocaine—regularly cycles of euphoria, crashing, and craving—possibly delivers about adjustments inside the postsynaptic neurons …— Robert Wilbur Crashing from a sugar higher never helped anyone keep on being awake all evening.

: one loop of a coil (as of ship's rope or a fire hose) coiled free for operating fake

c : a simulated movement in the sporting activities contest (for instance a pretended kick, go, or leap or a quick movement in a single course just before heading in A further) meant to deceive an opponent d : a tool or equipment employed by a magician to accomplish the illusion of magic in the trick fake

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